Transaction Benefits for Non-Represented Employees

Fast Facts

No layoffs
NSC recognizes that the combined workforce is critical to operations and is committed to honoring all of U. S. Steel’s commitments with its employees
Retaining U. S. Steel’s iconic name, brand and headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, which support 1,000 roles across corporate, research, commercial, information technology, finance, human resources, legal and communications functions
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U. S. Steel and Nippon Steel Corporation (NSC1) Combination is the Best Deal for American Steel

Two Purpose Built Organizations that are Highly Complementary

US Steel CorporationNippon Steel
Number of employees21,803106,000
Capital investment (USD)$2.5 billion in 2023$3.2 billion in FY 20222
R&D investment (USD)~$40 million in 20233$522 Million in fy 20224
Annual global crude steel production22.4 Million Tons
(20.3 Million Tonnes)
72.7 Million Tons
(66 Million Tonnes)5
Number of blast furnaces6611
Number of EAF's34
Number of hot strip mills46
Number of cold mills920
Strong history with union-represented employeescheckmarkcheckmark
Unwavering focus and commitment on safety

2022 “Safety First” Performance

  • 0.05 global days-away-from-work case rate
  • 93% better than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ qualifications for the Iron, Steel and Ferroalloy Manufacturing category
  • 94% better than the World Steel Association’s qualifications

2022 Performance

  • Ongoing risk assessments
  • 0.11 accident frequency rate (# reported accidents, recordable incidents and lost work days / total # employee hours) compared to Japan’s steel industry average of 0.98
Best-in-class technologies and manufacturing capabilities
  • Expertise in both integrated and mini mill steelmaking technologies
  • Developing sustainable steel made with the world’s most advanced mini mill technologies
  • Proven innovator in energy efficiency
  • Delivers high-grade steel products, such as electrical steel and automotive flat steel to customers
  • Expertise in integrated steelmaking technologies
  • Proven track record of acquiring, operating, and investing in steel mill facilities globally
  • Delivers high-grade steel products, such as grain-oriented electrical steel and automotive flat steel to customers
  • Promotes digital transformation strategies
  • Developing breakthrough technologies to progress towards carbon neutrality goal
Committed to decarbonize by 2050checkmarkcheckmark
Committed to advancing Mined, Melted and Made in America portfolio of productscheckmarkcheckmark
Strong track record of values-based leadership teamcheckmarkcheckmark
Goal to become the best steelmaker with world-leading capabilitiescheckmarkcheckmark
Strong commitment to communitiescheckmarkcheckmark
Sample Caption
1 Nippon Steel North America (NSNA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Steel Corporation
2 ¥437.6 billion (Year ended March 30, 2023) using average exchange rate of 0.00740741 for the period
3 R&D Investment includes engineering
4 ¥70.5 billion (Year ended March 30, 2023) using average exchange rate of 0. 00740741 for the period
5 This is a basic calculation of the combined production nominal full capacity of companies (including USIMINAS) in which NSC has an equity stake of 30% or more, which the World Steel Association adopts as a standard measure of crude steel production.
6 U.S.A. only. 3 additional blast furnaces at USSK

Eiji Hashimoto, President, NSC and Takahiro Mori, Executive Vice President, NSC wrote about their plans to grow U. S. Steel in The Wall Street Journal

read their Op-Ed here
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